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Let Microsoft Helpdesk Fix Your Technical Problems

Customers who are looking for instant tech support from Microsoft then you have another option that is Microsoft Help desk support. Microsoft have just kicked off an online version of the support Microsoft Help Desk that’s been up and running at the various Microsoft Store outlets.

The online Microsoft Help Desk built itself as a premium Microsoft support service designed to give users the most useful, friendly, and simple way to get the most out of your windows 10 PC. Microsoft helpdesk support team will troubleshoot and resolve problems with your Microsoft software and products.

So, how does it exactly work?

You can chat Microsoft rep for free to explain your problem or question. The technician tries to organize the wide array of possible issues and outcomes into various categories to help you get started.

Microsoft helpdesk Support covers such areas as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Internet and wireless connectivity, printing and scanning, and PC startup. Advanced steps for PC Tune-Up helps you clean up and optimize your windows 10 computer. Virus Removal and Anti-virus Protection does just what it says. And 45 min tune up will help you to run your pc smooth and fast.

Though the initial live chat is free, but the Microsoft help desk service you ultimately receive is not free. Premium Microsoft Support will cost you $99 for for one time fix. The Advanced tools for PC Tune-Up and Virus Removal each cost $99 for one time. This is how you will get premium services from Microsoft helpdesk.

How Does Microsoft Help Desk Work For Your Issues?

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